The Creative Curriculum is an exciting development in the way education will be delivered in schools in Wales. Creating opportunities for pupils to see the link between the Arts and Science. Exploring topics which encourage children to develop the five creative habits of mind: persistence, collaboration, inquisitive, imagination and discipline will help future proof jobs in all areas.
By working with schools to create exciting projects which encourage these strategies, ignite a passion for learning and explore new ideas we can inspire young people to connect with learning in a new way.
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Creative Schools Projects

We support the Arts Council of Wales to deliver the Creative Schools projects. As a Creative Agent we work closely with schools to help them create projects which not only offer new opportunities for pupils…

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General Schools Workshops

Want to explore the curriculum in a new way? Start a topic of with a bang? Give pupils a deeper understanding? Our drama workshops are just the thing to get a buzz going…

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Working closely with targeted pupils and staff to encourage better speech and language and more engagement with learning our projects are a safe place to develop new skills in weekly sessions…

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